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The 13 card Indian Rummy Game software is a ready to roll out solution for starting your online 13 card Indian rummy business in a short time. The portal offers a full suite of tools and features for successfully operating and maintaining an online rummy website.
Ready-to-use online rummy platform for short implementation time to starting Rummy Gaming business immediate and Fully customizable product to fit your needs at an affordable price.
Rummy is the most popular card game in India where we can spend quality time with our family and friends. Even though it is a game that is played for leisure, it has a reputation for being a capable stress-reliever. There are many benefits of playing rummy which includes the improvement of our mathematical and analytical skills. It is also said to develop the confidence level and grasping skills in children. Rummy is considered a game of traditional relevance and is an inevitable factor in Indian family functions and festivals.

There are many other benefits of playing Indian rummy as well. With online rummy platforms, people can spend their leisure time earning real cash while having fun. In the last few years, many online rummy websites have been launched which have aided 'the rummy revolution' in India. The overall gaming revenue in India has spiked up since the time Rummy and other traditional card games have switched to online platforms.


The steady growth of the online rummy websites made the Indian gaming Industry to raise its standard to compete against the global industries. Some of the other factors for the growth are discussed below:

Indian game development companies hold an average revenue of above 1.6 Million USD in 2014. And more than half of those companies have been incorporated after 2012. This shows that the Indian gaming industry was able to gain thrust by the mid of 2012.


  • User registration
  • Payments
  • Marketing tools
  • Multicurrency
  • Multi lingual
  • Back office
  • Promotional management
  • Agent management
  • Affiliate management
  • Ticketing system
  • Rummy games
  • Pool Rummy
  • Deal Rummy
  • Point Rummy
  • Rummy tournaments

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MBHiTech Solutions is the leading Rummy game developer company and rummy game software provider. We offer white label rummy solutions to entrepreneurs and enthusiasts in gaming sector businesses who want to run their own rummy games site.

Our rummy platform is programmed with the best features available in the gaming market. Own a website with best rummy code and rummy software to compete efficiently in the online gaming industry. Get the best features from our white label rummy solutions.

Our white label rummy solutions give a competitive edge to maximize liquidity and boost gaming operations in the online gaming industry. You can operate your own premier rummy website on a leading rummy network.

We offer comprehensive rummy solutions to cover all aspects of rummy including financial processing and gaming operations. A new rummy site can be operational within five weeks with our readily available rummy platform. We provide all advertising and marketing strategy to promote rummy game online. We provide search engine optimization, digital marketing, social media marketing, blog writting and pay per click advertising.

  • Domain name and rummy website development
  • Implement business strategies on operational rummy platform
  • Range of interesting avatars to select and play rummy
  • Multiple-player formats – 2,6 player rummy tables
  • Unique 3D tables for enhanced online rummy experience
  • Faster gameplay with dragging and game button options
  • Strategic gameplay with Discards Section to view discards
  • Instant real time chat sessions to chat with online players
  • Seamless Gaming Operations
  • Seamless software to plug into player liquidity and boost profits
  • Full access to operational, financial and administrative reports
  • Comprehensive & flawless cloud ready game server
  • Extensive range of cash and practice rooms and tables
  • Automated fraud control and prevention program tools
  • Intelligent tracing of low and poor bandwidth connections
  • Instant server migration to launch new games and tables
  • Real time player statistic & detailed history of player's hands
  • Flawless Financial Operations
  • Safe and Secured online payment gateways
  • Multiple facilities to perform online payment
  • Extensive monitoring for prevention of frauds
  • Quick online deposit and withdrawal features
  • Instant activation of promotional bonus codes
  • Comprehensive tracking of history of transactions
  • Facilities to run contests, promotions and deposit offers
  • Customizable options to implement marketing changes
  • Targeted segmentation to analyze free and cash players
  • Ample space to run promotional banners of various sizes
  • Accurate activation of bonus codes, promotions & contests
  • 24/7 support to resolve technical and player related issues
  • Cutting edge of integrated online gaming technology



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