Rummy Card Game Source Code

13 card online rummy game source code in java, php, c# & java

Starting rummy game business online, need to develop rummy game in programming and it will take too much time to develop from scratch. If you are looking for rummy game source code ready made then you are at right place now. We have already developed rummy game with 13 cards and 2-6 players can play play game at a time on single table. We have used programming languages such as, C#, PHP, javascript, java, jquery, html, jsonp, and much more. We grant license to purchaser that we provide rummy card game source code without any encryption and without any restriction. We provided rummy game you can distribute, modify, sell without any restrictions. 

Rummy game will be developed and provided rummy game source code java, rummy game source code in c#, rummy game source code in php. but as of now which we have that will be provided.

We MBHiTech Solutions provide online rummy game source code with and without to start online rummy game business. We provide service to develop android rummy game source code, Indian rummy game source code web and mobile application.

 Who need 13 card rummy game script code?

Any software company, individual who wants to set up or run their own business to provide rummy game software.

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Developer Licence 

If you are Software developers or IT Company and need rummy game immediate to your clients then be a partner with us and provide rummy game software to your clients to start their own online rummy game business. We provide basic cost with source code and later you can sell, modify to your clients as per your own cost.

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