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Ad serving network portal website for advertiser and publishers single self ad serving platform.

Start your own business for advertising and make money from website, website ad network platform serve ads from advertiser and show ads on publishers website. Our easy-to-use, real-time platform allows you to create and manage: RTB Display Campaigns, Display Campaigns, RTB Mobile Campaigns, Mobile Campaigns, RTB Video Campaigns, Video Campaigns, RTB Retargeting Campaigns, Retargeting Campaigns. 

Maximize yield with our robust ad serving platform designed to optimize the value of each ad impression. Precisely manage inventory and ad delivery on any platform using cutting-edge forecasting, targeting and big data reports. Increase efficiency with a robust suite of traffic targeting tools, Leverage line item and QPS throttling to receive only most relevant traffic, Optimize parameters in real-time to reach better inventory.


Real-Time Bidding

Get instant access to your viewers at any scale, across a variety of channels. The real-time nature of this technology buys individual impressions at the most efficient price available – milliseconds before the ad is served.

Instant & Granular

With real-time bidding comes instant reporting. Log in to the platform to view and download comprehensive campaign performance reports. Compare and measure every angle of your campaigns with full transparency.

Campaign Efficiency & Monitoring

Ad serving network intuitive platform comes with built-in safety measures and organizational tools to help you with the little (or big) tasks that accompany managing digital campaigns.

Comprehensive Targeting Capabilities

Find your audience, then find what works. Use layers of data to target your exact audience. Then reach them again with retargeting technology.

Mobile Advertisement & User Acquisition

Leverage advanced targeting technology to acquire highly engaged users with the best ROI. Optimize your user acquisition strategy by combining data from leading tracking platforms.

Ad Server is a ad serving and ad management solution for successful ad network businesses. We provide fully customizable white label software that is built to ensure flexibility across a wide range of channels, formats, and platforms.

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