Rummy game application setup & installation process

Step by step rummy game application setup & installation


Unzip the archived containing the Rummy application purchased.

In the resulted folder, you’ll find a folder named “web-app and android-app” and also sql file “rummy-database.sql” for database.
For web: Upload the contents of that web-app folder on your web hosting account, in the document root, that is, /home/username/public_html most likely.
Please note that if you already have another web app installed in your document root(i.e: wordpress), it is better to create a new folder inside the document root, say mailer ( /home/username/public_html/rummy/) and put the files there.

Setup Database: Create mysql database and user along with password to this database and grant full permissions to use to access database and import database file rummy-database.sql and execute.

Database Connection Setup: in the public folder edit database.php file and update database details for rummy application. For android app database connection setup in rummy_webservices folder and edit config.php file and update database details. and for rummy game engine database connection in public folder rummyserver.js near by line number 45 //database connection and update details. and in dashboard folder edit config file and update database details and also in pages folder then my pages folder and edit config file and update database details.
Database connection files:
dashboard/pages/my pages/config.php

Configure real time rummy game engine:

Open Specific Port eg. 3000
Opening a port in firewalld is fairly straightforward, in the below example we allow traffic in from any source IP address to TCP port 3000. First we modify the persistent configuration, then we reload firewall-cmd to load this change into the running configuration. you can set any port as your wish.
if you have installed whm/cpanel then just install csf on your centos 7 linux server, connect server via putty and run below commands one by one.
cd /usr/src
rm -fv csf.tgz
tar -xzf csf.tgz
cd csf

now login into whm and check sub menu in plugins main menu conigserver security and firewall and click on it. then on page check below firewall configuration tab and click
on it and click on TESTING = off and keep it off mode, then below RESTRICT_SYSLOG = 3 select 3 value from drop down. then below TCP_IN = text box is here and add your port number like 3000 or any another and same in TCP_OUT = 3000. now scroll down at bottom and click on “change” button then clcik again click on given response to restart csf.

OR you can open port manually
you can open putty app and login to your server from root user and run below command scripts.

[root@server ~]# firewall-cmd –permanent –add-port=3000/tcp
[root@server ~]# firewall-cmd –reload

And if you have purchased tournaments package too then open another port also

[root@server ~]# firewall-cmd –permanent –add-port=3001/tcp
[root@server ~]# firewall-cmd –reload

Configure in rummy game engine and communication in real time.
go to folder public and edit rummygame.js file and at bottom replace and update port and domain name and save changes.

In this Line: server.listen(3000, ‘’,{

Then go to folder six-player-game and two-player-game and edit rummy-game.php file and update socket connection like at near by line 635 and 550 respectively, you can search and replace and port

And for tournaments too same things : go to tournament folder then public update same port domain and database details tournament.js file.
then in tournaments folder six-player-game folder and edit rummy-game.php file and update same for tournament port with domainname.

For android app real time communication setup.
visit and login with default user: admin and password: 123456 and go to left side menu bar and configuration expand and ip config then update domain and ip with port like this and http://123.456.78.90:3000
for tournament and http://123.456.78.90:3001

We use real time communication using nodejs and so we need installed nodejs.

Install Nodejs: you can open putty app and login to your server from root user and run below command scripts
curl -sL | sudo bash –
sudo yum install nodejs

#Print Node.js version:
node –version

# output like this

#Print npm version:
npm –version

# output like this

For forever running our node application use PM2 node Library and run below commands

#You may also need to install Development Tools for building Node software.
sudo dnf -y install -y gcc-c++ make
sudo npm i -g pm2
sudo pm2 startup

# for more details please visit
# for details about nodejs please check nodejs docs

# Install libraries in our game, run below commands one by one in below path in 2 folders.
Already below list of files are exist
from here ————————–
1) go to public folder cd /home/username/public_html/public
2) for tournaments go to public folder cd /home/username/public_html/tournaments/public

npm install –save
npm install express –save
npm install mysql –save
npm install node-datetime –save
npm install body-parser –save
npm install express-session –save
npm install express-device –save
npm install connect-flash –save
npm install consolidate –save
npm install cookie-parser –save
npm install gui –save
npm install gzip –save
npm install jade –save
npm install multer –save
npm install nw –save
npm install os –save
npm install swig –save
npm install upper-case –save
————–end here– just for your kind info above

Start Rummy game server.
open putty and login server
go to directory folder where rummygame.js file exist
cd /home/username/public_html/public
pm2 start rummygame.js

For tournaments to start
go to directory folder where tournamentserver.js file exist
cd /home/username/public_html/tournaments/public
pm2 start tournamentserver.js
Note: Tournaments start at server time only so make sure that server has your local time zone.

#you can rename file and use renamed name to start here.

now your rummy game application and engine is started. login in rummy game application as player and join table to play rummy game.

Setup Android app:
android app developed using tool android studio and java programing language.

In android code app folder then src then main – java- com-rummy-mbhitech-rummysahara-Constants and open file and update domain links on page.
You can refactor package name and id and use your own branding.
in android code in the folder app-main – java- com-rummy-mbhitech-rummysahara and there are freegame and cashgame folder where free game table and cash game tables handled. you can change branding on this page like messages.
And tournaments tables are app-main – java- com-rummy-mbhitech-rummysahara here file and file, and you can change branding here like messages.
Another folders and pages are for whole android app and you can update change anything as per your requirement.

finally if you want to change directory names and files name then you can change it for your security purpose and give proper permissions. you can rename game engine files any name instead rummygame.js or rummyserver.js.

check here admin panel / dashboard setting, configuration and user guide

External code details

MBHiTech’s Rummy Application uses a few external libraries
for which we don’t assume any credit, all credit/copyright belongs to their respective authors/owners.

The libraries/frameworks list MBHiTech’s Rummy Application use:

it is used to develop game engine backent to run real time communication.

PHPMailer (since +)
It is used to deliver the emails
Please see for more details
(Source code not modified at all)

The JS framework for the application
Please see for more details
(Source code not modified at all)

Datetime picker
Used in customer area
Please see for more details
(Source code not modified at all)

Date picker
Used in customer and frontend area
Please see for more details
(Source code not modified at all)
it is used for real time communication, it connect ip to ip with port to play rummy in real time.
please see for more details

it is used in backend for developing game logic.
please see for more details

Few additional dependencies:
body-parser: 1.18.3
connect-flash: 0.1.1
consolidate: 0.14.5
cookie-parser: 1.4.3
express: 4.16.4
express-device: 0.4.2
express-session: 1.15.6
gui: 0.2.1
jade: 1.11.0
multer: 1.4.1
mysql: 2.16.0
node-datetime: 2.1.2
nw: 0.27.5
os: 0.1.1 2.1.1
swig: 1.4.2
upper-case: 1.1.3
it is used for sending sms otp and messages to players via api.
please see for more details
it is uded to collect payment from players while additing in their account.
please see for more details
it is uded to collect payment from players while additing in their account.
please see for more details

Rummy Game Documentation Details

 Rummy Game Documentation Details

Min Server Requirement (vps or dedicated):
24 GB Ram, 50 GB storage, 4+ cores cpu, linux server with centos 7, apache server, mysql database, cpnale/whm for file management(optional), bandwidth with 1 GBPS uplink speed.
For server providers vps servers or dedicated servers with high configuration and very low cost

Please see install steps file for more details

Please check user guide file for admin panel setup.

Getting Started:
Configure commission, signup, bonus, referral bonus in dashboard then bonus entry menu.
In configuration menu – you can configure ip and port for android app, email smtp configuration for sending emails, sms api keys, payment gateway api keys.

Terms of source code:
please see rummy game source code pdf file and for more details visit

After setup game schedule a call for whole application training.
for any support for installation and running email us or call us 9975275992