Rummy Card Game Requirement

Welcome to Indian Rummy game development company MBHiTech Solutions. We provide Indian Rummy Game to start online rummy game business. We provide ready made rummy game with or without source code. Rummy game is now very entertaining game in the corporate world with huge earning potential. We provide all setup like business module, digital marketing, promotional activities, game maintenance etc. We have developed rummy game in c# along with scripting languages.

What Required to start Rummy game online business?

  • To start rummy game business, just you need to prepare with perfect business module. If you do not have it then also we can provide to get succeed into rummy game business.

  • Next you should have your own hosting server with appropriate hosting to support all programming languages.

  • You should have unlimited bandwidth with high speed Ram and processor.

  • You should have also CDN to fast speed.

  • Next domain name

  • Ip Database

  • Rummy game software/engine

  • Payment gateway approved.

  • Random generation algorithm with proper testing

  • Fraud protection

What Documents required to start rummy game online?

We at MBHiTech guide and suggest you to get legal documents and formalities from Indian government to set up online rummy game business. Online Rummy game business need some particular business documents required to start rummy game online. To start rummy game online contact us.

How much time do you need to start rummy game online?

We have developed technical all thing separately like website, game engine, real time server, game server, fraud protection, storage etc. If you finalize game then after purchase immediate within few hours your game will be live to play online.

If you do not have all above requirement then don’t worry we provide all above features.

How much Finance do you need to start rummy game business.

Already you knows how much competition is there in market and every one is using different strategies to their business in sense of design and development, branding, promotions, etc. so that finance is key role of factor in any business. For starting a rummy game business from grassroot you should have approx 1 to 2 lakhs in business account. How it will distribute amount? some cost for rummy game software development that may be you can arrange ready game from any company or you can develop yourself also. But if you are taking from any software company that means you will start immediate and if you are going to develop yourself then it will take time and depends how many software engineers are working over it. It need approx six months for four people then more people less time.

How much time it will take to start earning from Rummy Card Game?

Immediate after launching your rummy game online. You should advertise your game online to promote it. there are lots of tools to advertise online. seo, social media, digital marketing, email marketing, sms marketing, press release, blog posting and commenting, articles writing, paid advertising with display and search ads. It will start from single player to more. advertising and marketing is most important in any business.

Do you provide all above services?
Yes, MBHiTech Solutions provide all above services. For More details and demo please feel free to contact us at


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