Card Rummy Game Script Code

We provide Indian 13 card Rummy game script code ready to start online rummy game portal business online.

Rummy game is legal in India and people need some entertainment along with daily work.

Rummy is one of the oldest card games that is played across the world. It is a card-matching game in which cards of same denominations or suit are used to form sequences and sets. This legally declared ‘skill game’ is played by people of all class and age, and is played from home gatherings to club parties. Thanks to the digitization of online gaming industry, today, rummy is available to play online. Moreover, online rummy games are available in many different types of variants like 13-cards rummy, 21-cards rummy, etc.

now we provide ready game server with rummy game script code and we are developing more. we have ready 13 card Indian Rummy game with point rummy, deal rummy and pool rummy. We are coming soon with 21 card rummy game.


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