Card Rummy Game Script Code

We provide Indian 13 card Rummy game script code ready to start online rummy game portal business online.

Rummy game is legal in India and people need some entertainment along with daily work.

Rummy is one of the oldest card games that is played across the world. It is a card-matching game in which cards of same denominations or suit are used to form sequences and sets. This legally declared ‘skill game’ is played by people of all class and age, and is played from home gatherings to club parties. Thanks to the digitization of online gaming industry, today, rummy is available to play online. Moreover, online rummy games are available in many different types of variants like 13-cards rummy, 21-cards rummy, etc.

now we provide ready game server with rummy game script code and we are developing more. we have ready 13 card Indian Rummy game with point rummy, deal rummy and pool rummy along with tournaments.



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Call Us:  +91 99752 75992

Front end:


username: admin

password: 123456

android app: download from demo website

Game Types

Point rummy, pool rummy, deal rummy and papplu rummy along with tournaments. 


Web application and android app.


This is an archive of every release we’ve done that we have a record of which are actively maintained.
Our on going development help to resolve any bugs and new additional features enhancement for newly purchased clients.
We focus on new features to develop everyday and we fix the bugs and issues in our rummy application.
Latest version is always best for use and purchase the latest version.

Latest release

3.1 V May 22, 2023

point and cash calculation bug fixed.
disconnected player status update modified.
hand cards real time records stored in database.
AI for gaming.
Some small bugs fixed.

3.0 V August 01, 2022

Wrong calculation fixed.
Extra game transaction entry fixed.
SSL certificate integrated in game engine.
Dashboard reporting updated.

2.9 V June 19, 2022

Game transaction entry details updated.
Payment transaction updated.
Commission server side updated.

2.8 V March 08, 2022

Deal Rummy: 1,2,3,4,5,6 Deal rummy option added.
2 Deck & 3 Deck game added.
8 player table added.
Few bugs fixed exceptions and some advance development done.

2.7   June 16, 2021

Automation in playing table and game will create automatic tables so now do not need to create tables from dashboard now.
While playing game there some bugs that we fixed.
There were some issues in tournaments that fixed.

2.6 March 11, 2021

When same player was playing on multiple tables then player was not able to and app closes, this fixed.
There was calculation issue that fixed.
Table design changed.

2.5 December 24, 2020

bug fixed and new logic added.

2.4 July 18, 2020

Multiple avatars and player profile pictures allowed to upload by players from android app.
Bug fixed in android app.

2.3 May 18, 2020

2.2 Feb 27, 2020

2.1 December 21, 2019

2.0 September 03, 2019

1.9 June 12, 2019

1.8 March 19, 2019

1.7 January 30, 2019

1.6 November 13, 2018

1.5 August 17, 2018

1.4 May 08, 2018

1.3 February 16, 2018

1.2 December 21, 2017

1.0 May 09, 2017



how to purchase:

go to pricing menu ->

Then click on any buy now button then you will see two packages ->

Then out of two select one which you want to buy -> (with tournaments or without tournaments)

You will have item in your cart then use coupon code if any you have and validate then on price will deduct by given discount.

Then click on checkout button, if you want to change your currency then from left side menu bar at bottom you can change.

and proceed next step to create account or login in existing account and fill the details and select payment gateway option to make payment online. 

you can pay using credit/debit cards, net banking, bank transfer, wallets.

Then complete payment process then immediate after successful payment you will get email with details to download source code and also you can download files from your account.

This file package contains all details about installation and settings.

How to install: 

Just follow the given docs in downloaded package.

once you have purchased code then download as it is zip file. 

login to your server and go to domain directory where you want to install.

upload zip file to directory.

extract files in domain root.

create database and user and give full permissions to this user.

open database and click on import database and upload rummy.sql file downloaded with zip file. 

now database is ready. then go to your file directory and update database credential in database and config php files.

now open your domain name and check rummy game website is running. 

then open dashboard panel and do some setting as per your server configuration. 

and update payment gateway keys, sms api and email smtp and update another setting.

then start your rummy game engine. that’s it. 

If you have any installation issues then we will support you and install it on your server.

Server requirement : 

rummy game website can work on both server type linux and windows. 

Os : any os (ex.centos,  windows)

database: mysql (latest version)

RAM: min 4 GB 

Vcores: min 2 cpu cores

bandwidth speed: 1 Gbits/s uplink

storage: min 50 GB SSD

application management: whm/cpanel or plesk panel

IP: one ip (server provide in build)

Root access

Note: higher configuration can give best performance. if concurrent players increases then upgrade to higher server configuration.

Hosting Server provider recommended :

who provide free whm/cpanel, plesk panel with server and very low cost high bandwidth speed 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps. above server we can get it in approx 2k per month.

We will support for installation and configuration.