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This is an archive of every release we’ve done that we have a record of which are actively maintained.
Our on going development help to resolve any bugs and new additional features enhancement for newly purchased clients.
We focus on new features to develop everyday and we fix the bugs and issues in our rummy application.
Latest version is always best for use and purchase the latest version.

Latest release

3.1 V May 22, 2023

point and cash calculation bug fixed.
disconnected player status update modified.
hand cards real time records stored in database.
AI for gaming.
Some small bugs fixed.

3.0 V August 01, 2022

Wrong calculation fixed.
Extra game transaction entry fixed.
SSL certificate integrated in game engine.
Dashboard reporting updated.

2.9 V June 19, 2022

Game transaction entry details updated.
Payment transaction updated.
Commission server side updated.

2.8 V March 08, 2022

Deal Rummy: 1,2,3,4,5,6 Deal rummy option added.
2 Deck & 3 Deck game added.
8 player table added.
Few bugs fixed exceptions and some advance development done.

2.7   June 16, 2021

Automation in playing table and game will create automatic tables so now do not need to create tables from dashboard now.
While playing game there some bugs that we fixed.
There were some issues in tournaments that fixed.

2.6 March 11, 2021

When same player was playing on multiple tables then player was not able to and app closes, this fixed.
There was calculation issue that fixed.
Table design changed.

2.5 December 24, 2020

bug fixed and new logic added.

2.4 July 18, 2020

Multiple avatars and player profile pictures allowed to upload by players from android app.
Bug fixed in android app.

2.3 May 18, 2020

2.2 Feb 27, 2020

2.1 December 21, 2019

2.0 September 03, 2019

1.9 June 12, 2019

1.8 March 19, 2019

1.7 January 30, 2019

1.6 November 13, 2018

1.5 August 17, 2018

1.4 May 08, 2018

1.3 February 16, 2018

1.2 December 21, 2017

1.0 May 09, 2017

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Tournament Rules: (how the tournament works?):

Rummy Tournaments:

What are tournaments and how they are conducted?
Tournaments are games played in multi – table in multi – level format with multiple winners at the end. Tourneys are conducted at pre – scheduled time which will be announced in the website with required terms and conditions.

Currently we have two types of tournaments:
1. Free Tournaments: Entry to these tournaments is free. Eligible players can register to the tourney for free and win real cash.
2. Cash Tournaments: Entry to these tournaments is with pre-defined registration charges. Players registering to these tourneys will be charged with an entry free which will be debited from available cash balance in rummy account.

All tournaments are playing on upto 6 players table where upto 6 players can play. total players will be divided by 6 that much tables will open automatically and each table will have 6 players max and according the players levels will be generated automatically. Example: if we schedule tournaments for 100 players then in first level 17 tables will open and 16 tables will have 6 players each and 17th table will have remaining 4 players. In the first level 6 rounds will be played in game on each table. After first level from each table one player will become winner and will join automatically in second level with another players. from first level 17 players will become winners and second level will start and all table will merge and will open 3 tables only and 2 table will have 6 players each and 3rd table will have 5 players. Then after 6 rounds in second level 1 winner will become from each table and total 3 players. Then all tables will merged automatically and one table will open and 3 players will play for 6 rounds on third level. then finally one player will become top winner and he/she will awarded for prices given for this tournaments. But if tournament is giving prices for top 5 players then from top winner players position will calculate automatically and given prices will distribute to top 5 players.

How to join rummy tournaments?
Once scheduled tournaments entry for real cash or for free will come under list in players account tournament menu. And between scheduled time only player can join tournaments. Example if tournament is scheduled and will start at on date 1 march 2020 at 16:00 pm and joining time is between 25 feb 2020 12:00 am to 1 march 2020 15:00 pm then player can join in between time only and if seats are available. if tournament entry is free then any players can join tournaments by clicking on join button but if tournament entry is for real cash then player need to add required money into their account and then click on join button and entry fees will deducted from player’s account. If any player want to leave tournaments then click on withdraw button and your entry fees will be refund if any cash tournaments. but player can leave between time of scheduled joining time only.

Take seat:
once scheduled time arrives then player will see take seat button infront of tournaments list. just click on button and playing window will open and game will start.

Tournaments Rules:

Every player is given a fixed number of tournament chips at the beginning. The tournament chips are refreshed for every valid show declared by a player. Based on tourney chips accumulation the tournament ranking and winners will be declared at the end of the tournament.

Every turn is allotted with 30 seconds time and 45 sec extra time is given. You get 45 seconds for whole game round. There tournaments depending upon number of players. Every level will have 6 rounds on table to play rummy game to declare winner from table/level.

Scoring during tourney will be as below:

The first player to declare valid show is winner of the game and he gets 0 points.

If game is dropped in the first turn (first drop), you get 20 points.

If game is dropped after first turn (middle drop), you get 40 points.

If wrong show is declared, he/she gets full count (80 points) and the game continues till a valid show is placed.

If opponent places a valid show, as per the valid sets, sequences and melding of the cards, the cards which are not melded will be counted for score.

Calculation of score for the players who do not win:

The points will be counted for all deadwood cards – that is all the cards that are not melded in sequences or sets as per the rules of rummy.

J, Q, K, A of any suite carry 10 points each.

All other numbered cards carry the same points as their face value e.g. 8 carries 8 points and 5 carries 5 points.

Joker cards (both printed and card) carry zero points

If the losing player has not been able to meld a pure sequence, all cards are counted

If the losing player does not have two sequences, but only has a pure sequence, only the pure sequence is not counted

A player can get a maximum of 80 points. For instance, if a player’s hand score is 85 he/she will still get only 80 points. But if a player’s hand score is 75, he/she will get 75 points.

What happens if I’m disconnected in a tournaments?
The tournament game will open automatically in a pop up window at tourney scheduled time. To ensure that you get an automatic game pop up, do enable the pop up windows from Classic Rummy.
If you are not online at tourney time all your turns will be dropped (initial drop) after the allotted time for the turn is finished. Once you are online the tourney table will start automatically only if LEVEL – 1 of the tournament is still running and you have sufficient tourney chips left to participate in the tournament.

tournament rules details

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