Multiplayer Chess Game

Chess is the most popular 2-player board game of skill. It is played on an 8×8 checkered board, with a dark square in each player’s lower left corner. The goal in chess is to put your opponent’s king in checkmate while keeping your king safe.

Chess has a universal appeal stretching for a span of 1400 years. It is believed that chess had originated in India and from there traveled to China and also through Arab world to Europe.
There are historical references that in India chess was used as a tool to teach military strategy to Indian princes. That is probably how chess acquired its nickname: the Royal Game.

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If you want to start your chess game platform online then we can support you to setup real time turn based chess game website. 

What benefits: in our chess game platform you can offer chess game server to play chess game with any another real human players online real time time for free as well as for real cash. And from the winning amount you can deduct administrative fees.

We have chess game logic: two players on single board and they can join board and game will start for free or for real cash as per player chosen game type. once game start then total time is 45 mins and every player will have 1 min turn. In turn time player can make move of piece other wise turn will go to next opponent player if player miss turn. and this turn goes on alternate and once any player give the checkmate or kill the king means game is over and winner will be declared and winner will get points free or real.

Tournaments: We have developed tournaments for players, you can schedule tournaments for players for free as well as for real money. If you schedule tournaments then players can join tournaments for free points and if you schedule tournaments for real money then players need to have real money in their accounts to join this tournaments.  

Payment: We have integrated two payment gateways, in web application paypal and in android app so players can add money in their account by using this payment system. 

Withdrawals: players can withdrawals their real money from chess game account to their paypal or direct bank account by giving withdrawal request and chess admin will process payment.

Platforms: we have two platforms to play chess game, from web application and from android app.

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