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bulk email sending software

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send millions of emails on daily basis

Best Bulk email sending software for email marketing

jello inbox exceeds expectations as a well designed, easy to use, lightweight mailing list management solution for your business. jello inbox is feature packed but because of its intuitive design remains simple to use and easy to maintain.

Supporting the World's Largest email Marketing Automation Project. 

jello inbox is an easy to use mailing list management application written in PHP that you install on your own server. jello inbox comes rich with features, priority support and more in low cost.

High performance expertise Delivered

Powerful email marketing with specialist powermta and tailored pricing. That’s why 5,000 organizations in 35 countries trust jello inbox.

Most powerful features

Once click install power MTA included

Just click and wait for 5 mins and your email sending server is ready now.

Setup your own email sending servers to send millions of emails on daily basis regardless of text or html promotional or transactional.

PowerMTA is an enterprise-grade email message transfer agent (MTA) for sending high-volume, business-critical emails.

PowerMTA’s reliability and powerful analytics gives you total control of your sending. Improve performance, deliverability, and team efficiency with a simple set up, small hardware footprint, and robust analytics.

One click auto setup dkim, spf, rdns setup

Just click & our application will setup dkim, spf, rdns in your domain registrar. we have integrated api to setup these all of Namecheap

Application use api of namecheap so just you need to create account with namecheap and purchase domains and get api key and update in our email sending software and application will fetch all your domains in this sending application and setup dkim, spf, rdns etc.

Superior deliverability


Technical configuration for secure authentication and delivery managed by default

Bounce automation & digest reports

Detailed bounce analytics and automatic flagging and removal of problematic addresses

Automatic throttle calibration

Sending is spread over multiple IPs and throttles adapted deliverability

Abuse complaint management

Auto manage and negotiate complaints on your behalf

All Features

Server management

Very powerful to manage your own smtp servers. keep records of server provider and update any time. Add new server to setup small of big. and view list of servers and just click next to server to install and setup power mta to send unlimited emails. You can add additional IPs to server as much you have.
You can add domain list here and manage. Also you can fetch all domain list from namecheap.com by using api. Just you need to add your api key of namecheap.com

Users & Accessibilities

You can add users to manage this application and send bulk emails. Set permissions to users for application access, update users and delete options.

Mailing Management

Here you can add sponsors / affiliate networks to whom you work for sending their campaigns / offers. like w4, adgtracker/flexmg.com, maxbounty like these and manage them. Vertical management where you can add offers/campaigns categories and update. And next you can add campaigns / offers and fetch directly from affiliate network portal here to send in bulk email.

ISPs Management

Add new ISPs like gmail.com, hotmail.com, yahoo.com like this many and manage them.

Data List Management

You can manage email lists , view and add emails data or import, export email list in this list. manage to delete, edit or update. You can create suppression list to avoid sending emails to blacklisted. You can add emails in blacklist to prevent sending. You can clean bounced email list and clean. Create your own emails list of seeds to warm up your server and domains to increate reputations.

Negatives & Tools

You can get good words to add in email header to increate inbox delivery. Just enter any link/url to get good words. Negative is very good to increate inbox delivery, you can get existing negative from emails, just enter fields and get.

Production & Monitoring

You can manage list of sponsors, you can send campaigns/offers to your email data, and monitor you sent campaigns/offers/drops. Upload images to server to add in email offers, you can manage your power mta here start, restart, stop like this. Also you can monitor multiple power mta servers here and watch. define headers for emails and check server ip list wise sending.

Statistics & Reports

All reporting is most important and that we have given in this application to track your business. you can check how much opened, clicked, unsub, leads server wise reporting.

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