CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management software (CRM Software)

CRM software are an essential business management tools in today’s market as it not only enhances your sales pipeline and but also helps you manage your business reputation efficiently. MBHiTech Solutions are the world’s leading providers of CRM software, helping you manage your customers seamlessly. The cloud based CRM service puts the whole globe in your wrist accessible, no matter what time or place you may need it.

Customer Relationship Management means managing the company’s relationship with the customers, clients and the prospects. There are many advantages for the Customer Relationship Management such as quality and efficiency, decrease in overall costs and increase in profitability. The successful use of the customer relationship management can bring much profit to the industry. As the maintaining the quality and reputation has become much challenging, CRM has got a big role in today’s business.

MBHiTech CRM services also integrates your third party applications and Social network on a single platform, making it easily accessible on the go, it can effectively track brand mentions and manage your online reputation. Besides that, for an agile economy like Pune, MBHiTech CRM solutions can provide precise market analytics, assist in suitable strategy building and ensure quality leads. Let us have a look at some of the cool features of MBHiTech CRM software.

  MBHiTech CRM Software – Manage Leads and Enquiry

  • Manage your leads / business opportunities received from various sources.
  • Convert a verified lead with full information to valid inquiries.

MBHiTech CRM Software Pre-Sales – Manage Enquiries, Followup, Quotations etc.

● Manage Customer Enquiries and Follow-ups schedule.
● Get followup schedule and work accordingly and record all the communication with the customers, so the history is maintained.
● It provides you analysis of Leads Data based on various criteria, which is almost impossible to do manually.
● We can setup a customized funneling system for you for enquiries evaluation.
● We also have a standard funneling system, that you may find useful.
● Maintain Data about Products, Competitors etc.
● Print Quotations.

MBHiTech CRM Software Post-Sales – Manage Service Call, Service Requests & Feedback

● Print Product Delivery and Installation Reports.
● Manage Service Calls and Customer Complaints.
● Assignments of Calls, Customer Complaint to Service Engineers.
● Service Reports of Service Engineers Visits to Customers.
● Manage observations, Findings, suggestions, material / parts requirement to solve the problem.
● Manage Customer Feedback related to service visits.
● Invoices and Recovery Followup Management.

CRM Software Facility for Printing of Various Formats

● Tax Invoices
● Quotations
● Proforma Invoices
● Sales / Customer Orders
● With our CRM Solution you can configure the printing of the above document to a good extent. You can use Plain Paper / Letterhead.

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