Franchise Courses

Cources run under Franchise model:

Franchise Model                                                                                     

                                              Courses run under Franchise

Master Franchise

Competitive exams (MPSC, Banking, SSC, SSB, etc), DMIT, Mnemonics, Spoken English (Spoken english is optional)


Coaching class for CBSE, State boards for Class 8 – 12  (with IIT Foundation, Olympiads, NSTSE, IIT-JEE, MH-CET (Engg), NEET, AIPMT), DMIT, Mnemonics and Vedic Maths

Sub Franchise

Coaching for Class 1 – 7 of CBSE, State boards (with NTS, MTS, Olympiads, NSTSE), DMIT, Mnemonics and Abacus

Separate Add On

DMIT or Mnemonics or Mid brain Activation or Abacus or vedic maths or Phonics or rapid reading or Hand writing or calligraphy or spoken english or Science lab activity or maths lab activity or new courses that are developed from time to time or combinations of these courses

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