AD Serving Network Server

Complete Single Platform for Advertisers, Publishers and Affiliate Partners

Text Ads, Banner Ads and Video Ads Serving server platform

Ad server platform for pay per click, cpm, cpc and all real time reporting

Start Ad serving network server business to serve ads of advertisers and place/show on publisher network

Looking to start my own ad network business self serving where unlimited advertisers, publishers and affiliate partners can register and manage their own account.

We provide ad serving platform to start own ad network for pay per click text ad, banner ad and video ad. It is alternative to google adword and adsense.

“A Complete ” “White Label Advertising Server platform for Ad serving Networks”

MBHiTech Adserving Software server Serve ads on websites, in apps, and in video players, and collect detailed statistics about impressions, clicks and conversions.

Manage campaigns for multiple advertisers and from ad networks all at once, via an easy to use interface.

Define rules for delivery of campaigns and ads, including frequency capping, URL targeting, geo-targeting.

Track and report campaign performance, including click-through rates, conversion rates, revenue, eCPM and conversion details, like basket value and number of items purchased.

How it work?

It divided into four parts i.e. Advertisers, Publishers, Affiliate and Main Administration.


Where any one can register as advertiser to advertise their products and business service online. they need to validate their account and can start giving ads as pay per click text, banner or video ads. Ads will be shown on the publisher networks as per targeted ad. But they need payment in their account and there are multiple options to add payment in their account. Creating ad needs keywords, geolocation to show ads as per visitors behaviors. Advertiser will have all reports total visitors, clicks, impressions, ctr, locations and can download it for further process or records.


Are those have websites or blogs and have more visitors daily basis, they can register as publisher to make money by monetizing their website or blog content. If they register then they need to wait for few hours to get approved their account to generate ad code to showing ads on their website or blog. Once their account approved by administrative then they can create ad code and will place script code on their web pages or blog where they want to show ads.


where you can manage all details and create multiple users to operate particular modules giving limited authority. All records or advertisers, publishers, affiliate with their total finance management. how much money spent by advertisers? how much they got response i.e. clicks, impressions, ctr, cpc etc. publishers how much they earned with ad code details. withdrawal request, payment histry. Same for affiliate for their references and earning. You can approve ads or stop. All process is automatic that from creating ads, showing on publishers network and ppc additions and deductions.


are partners who can promote your brand or refer to another for advertising or publishing ads then they gets lumsum commission on reference.

Ad Formats

Text ad, Banner Ad and Video Ad

contextual ppc cpm text ad serving platform
pay per click ad serving server
ppc cpm banner advertising ad server platform
ppc cpm ctr video ad serving server

Build your own ad network

You can build your own ad network and let your publishing partners sign in their own accounts to get the ad tags, view revenue, and other ad performance reports.

Operate multiple websites that you own

A publisher can operate multiple websites. You can view ad performance reports broken down by each website

Run an affiliate network

Advertisers, publishers and affiliate partners can register from your website and also you can do so more, You can create advertisers and their ads using any pricing model, including pay per clicks, cpm. The affiliates (site partners, media partners, or publishers) display ad campaigns from their websites.

Impression Recycling

Automatically refresh an ad on the publisher’s page after a definable period of time (e.g., 60 seconds) to display a new ad without reloading the page itself. This gives you multiple opportunities to advertise within the same impression.

Container Ads

Purchase a single ad impression, but use it to serve multiple ads. Each ad within the unit can be clicked, tracked and reported independently. There are no limits to how many ads you can serve within a single placement, and individual ads can be ordered and weighted to control exactly where, and how often, they appear.

Ad Type

Text Ads, Banner Ads and Video Ads

Real-Time Reporting

Impressions, clicks, and conversions (sales) are reported within seconds. Graphs and charts allow you to see statistics for any desired date range. And, all reports can be exported for use in Excel. How much money spent by advertisers, how much money earned by publishers, how much profit you/company earned, and much more reports on single click with your filter datewise and more.

Content Delivery Network

Host your creative media on our fast, reliable, content delivery network (CDN). Global content distribution means that your ads will load super-fast, anywhere in the world.

Automatic Revenue Tracking

Use tracking pixels to measure conversions or other actions. Revenue statistics are reported the moment a sale is made.

Fully Hosted Solution

MBHiTech Ad network Server is a fully hosted solution, which means that you can focus on advertising and leave the technical details to us.

Targeting Features Geo-Targeting

where advertiser want to show ads, example advertiser want to show ads in India Delhi only then ads will be shown to only India Delhi visitors.

Keywords filter

Advertiser can set keywords to show ads, If any visitor from targeted location searching or looking for laptops then ads will be shown to visitors of only laptops instead of cloths. That is called contextual ads.

Ready Business To Start

MBHiTech Adserver is an ad serving script developed in Asp.Net C# & MSSQL for personal or small businesses. It allows its owners to start their own revenue generating ad serving business. We have combined cloned features of AdSense and AdWords into script. Our powerful dashboard allows complete control from traffic stats to revenue management. Powerful revenue generating Script is available: Keyword, geolocation, bidding targeting Ads.

All the functions you require to manage ads, Advertisers, Publishers, Affilliate and their revenue are incorporated into MBHiTech Adserver. The advanced and powerful architecture design enables easy management of your Ad server saving you time, effort & money.

We have combined features from various different industry products like Google Adsense & Adwords, making MBHiTech Adserver script unique and more than just a clone script.

Ads Tracking: Time is money. It is important to track ads live to change bid rates, track fraudulent clicks, track Click Through Rates (CTRs) and change Ads to improve CTRs if necessary. This is just better Ad Management.

Administrator features

  • User control

  • Advertising approval

  • Publisher’s website approval

  • Payments

  • Invoices

  • Customization and self-service

  • Email notification system

  • Ease of use and intuitive interface

  • Check Statistics in Real Time

  • Anti-Fraud Technologies

  • Manage advertisers’ cost

  • Manage publishers’ revenues

  • Keyword Management

  • Real Time Bidding (RTB)

  • Referral program management

Advertiser features

  • Statistics in Real Time Report

  • Geo Targeting

  • Device targeting (desktop, mobile, app)

  • Advanced scheduling

  • Daily & Total Budget

  • Differentiate site categories and subcategories

  • Sites Blacklist

  • Different Advertising formats desktop, mobile and In App

  • Payment method (CPC, CPM, CPA)

  • Payment system (PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney, Wire transfer)

  • Multiple advertising campaigns

  • Manage campaign Bid in real time

  • Keyword Management

  • Email notification

Publisher features

  • Statistics in real time Report

  • Payment method (CPC, CPM, CPA, fixed revenue)

  • Different website advertising spaces formats

  • Payment system (PayPal, Bank Transfer, Payoneer, WebMoney, Wire

  • transfer)

  • Easy Ad Code Generation

  • Easy to use interface

  • Referral program

  • Manage websites and applications

  • Email notification

Affiliate Partner

  • Publishers Details

  • Advertiser Details

  • Spending and earning Report

  • Own Earning Report

  • Affiliate link Sharing

White Label

Customizable advertising server, promote your own brand name. White Label is a web traffic exchange platform, completely customizable which allows users to easily manage their websites and applications and all advertising campaigns on them.

Engage Your Audience

Cross Channel Marketing Made Easy

  • Mobile

  • Video

  • Display

  • Rich Media

Expand Your horizon

  • Customizable, Stable, Effective

  • Ad Exchange

  • Real Time Bidding

Ad Reporting

  • Impression Report

  • Click Report

  • CTR Report

  • Revenue / Expense Report

  • Conversion Report

  • Breakdown Report

Administrative Demo

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  • User Name: admin

  • Password: admin

Publisher panel Demo

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  • Password: admin

Advertiser Panel Demo Click Here

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Affiliate panel Demo

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Why Us

  • Ad platform for publishers, advertisers and agencies

  • Text, Banner, Video Ad Server

  • White Label ad server: private ad-serving from your own (sub)domain

  • SSL-enabled engines using protocol-relative ad-serving

  • Self-serve Advertiser Portal: useful for publishers

  • GeoTargeting up to city level

  • Reasonable pricing: starting at $149/month

  • No overage billing – we’ll handle this in a more humanly manner

  • all features unlocked & no credit card needed

Price for MBHiTech Ad Server

One Time Payment For Small Business

For Enterprise Business

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