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With home buyers about 70% of its research, it became inevitable for real estate agents to have a functional online presence. So we are here to design and develop highly effective and useful real estate web portals for sell and buy property in the world. The integration of each element of the required services and custom development MBHiTech Solutions help you have a powerful portal and real estate professionals with broad functionality for sellers, buyers and agents. Our real estate development to meet the needs of real estate buyers, sellers and agents / brokers.

Real Estate Portal is one of the most complete and prominent web based marketing tool, designed for Real Estate Industry. As a leading Real Estate Portal Development Company in Pune India, we provide consulting, design, business development consulting, development and implementation, all the aspects of B2B & B2C real estate portal development in India. Our team is proficient in architecture design, GUI design, DB planning, programming, integration and testing.

What is a Property Listing Portal ?

Earlier we used to go to the real estate agents for buying or renting of new or old property. This process of visiting the agents and negotiating the prices was not only time consuming but also an expensive affair sometimes making us also land in trouble with a possibility of dealing with wrong middlemen and thus landing in financial troubles. However, with the advent of Property Listing Portals it has become a few clicks job to purchase or rent a new property anywhere in the country, and that to from the comfort of your home.
The Property Listing portals are websites, designed exclusively for buying, selling and listing of property. The well-established Property Portal provides real estate support and information about the available property in the particular region/ provision to the visitors of the website. A Property Portal offers solutions to those who are dealing in properties or those who are searching spare property – be it residential, commercial or any other real estate allied services.
Property Portal constitutes of the following features for its customers:

Commercial and Land Sales.
Residential Property Sales.
Business Property Sales
Property Management.
Property Rentals.
Property Advertisement.
Listing and Searching Property.
Providing Appraisals of Properties.
Listing of Property Related Portfolios like Electrician, Plumber etc.
A property portal help as an advertising tool for the company along with generating more business and introducing new income streams to it.
It is a proficient solution to all those who are dealing or aspire to work in property related business.

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