What is the approximate budget to start an online rummy website in india

What will the Budget and the break even point be for launching a rummy game?

Pre-planning is best method to start any project/business. Now we will talk all about rummy game business online. How much fund you need to start at initial and another expenses daily monthly ? First for starting rummy game business we need to know all requirement for this business.

Rummy game is skill based game online and same declared by court, People play rummy game for fun & enjoy, time pass or for real money to win online with friends or unknown people. Rummy game service provider company will charge some amount to play rummy online. Rummy game is amazing experience and entertainment online. Now a days mostly people plays rummy on mobile phone. It is popular in India maximum and world wide also.

1) Documentation: You need basic business documents for running business and may it required more legal docs for business as per scope of business. But for rummy game you can start at basic legal docs like shop act license, firm pan card, address proof as basic level, if you are planning to start pvt ltd then you need to register company act with MCA, TIN no. DIN no, Partnership deed, MOU as per nature of business. you can start LLP, PVT ltd or Proprietorship. Bring Bank account and get payment gateway approval. This cost from Rs. 2000/- to 30,000/- actual depends location wise. what more docs required?

2) Rummy Software: Now you need rummy game software to start rummy game business online. Rummy game software you can develop your self by keeping software developers and website designers with having great experience in gaming and most important real time application development. Also you can purchase ready made rummy website and rummy game software from any rummy game software provider company and start immediate. If you start to developing rummy software then you will take more time to complete project and it depends how much employees are working. approx time it will take 1 to 2 months but if more developers then it will complete as early also. In Rummy game logic of game should be cleared and developer should aware about the rummy game that will help. Most important security and real time functionality is most important because it will gone to play for real money also and it is timer based game. For buying software may it will reduce your cost and we heard about pricing for rummy game varies from 1 lakh to 5 lakhs depends company to company, quality, modules, game types, what they provide source code, game engine or any server set up. If you plan to buy rummy game software then you should take all source code of projects and start own new development in future and it needed. we provide rummy game application along with source code in affordable cost.

3) Advertising & Promotions: Another expense for advertising and marketing should be more at initial stage and it must for any business. Start advertising and marketing with multiple resources like seo, on page and off page, social media marketing, email marketing, blog writing, article writing, press release, blog & article commenting, open forum & discussions and paid advertising with social media and search engines to show search ads and display ads. paid advertising will give instant result but for organic traffic it will take some time. Cost for promotions approx you can consider 1 or 2 digital & seo marketing manager’s salary at starting stage and paid monthly min Rs. 10 – 30 thousand and you can keep more and that will help also. Total cost for this at initial approx Rs. 50k approx thousand per month, but actual depends your business plan (+ or -).

4) Infra with server: you need another expenses for office and hosting that you can use dedicated server or virtual private server to keep you data safe and provide speed balance to all players. It need approx Rs. 2000/- to 8,000/- monthly depends configuration of server and office expense take approx 10,000/- to 25,000/- with small adjustment but actual depends location.

Over all rummy game business need fund with next 6 months backup approx 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs depend business operation. It may less or more than that also how you plan accordingly.

Break even in rummy game business is instant, when you launch rummy game business then you can expect your invested fund within next 6 to 12 months with your running expenses. and also it may plus minus because you need more players to play game for real money. More players to play means more earnings so advertise & promote more to get more players and engage with quality service. It is all about general information and actual may varies.

For any more details you may reach us to discuss with our representative regarding rummy game business. MBHiTech

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